Terms and Conditions for EVERICH TBR Tires.


This limited warranty applies to the original customers buying new manufactured tire directly from EVERICH TIRE. All the tires should be marked factory serial numbers. Eligible tires shall be used on the vehicle on which they were originally installed according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.

Limited Warranty

Should any tire covered by this limited warranty become unusable due to a workmanship or material related condition during its useable original tread life (more than 2/32” remaining tread), EVERICH TIRE will give a credit on the following conditions;

  1. During the first 2/32” of the original usable tread; Tire will be replaced with a comparable new produced tire free of charge, in the form of manufacturer provide an equivalent size of tire, FOB Qingdao. Applicable taxes on the new tire and cost of mounting, balancing and any other charges in connection with the replacement of the tire are required to be paid by the owner.
  2. After the first 2/32” of the original usable tread; the amount of the credit will be determined by multiplying the pre-determined adjustment price for the tire (excluding taxes and ocean transportation) by the percentage of original tread depth remaining on the tire. The amount of such credit will be calculated by the following formula.

C: Amount of credit

O.T.R: Original Tread Depth Remaining

O.T: Original Tread Depth on New Tire

P: FOB Price of New Tire at the time of purchase

  1. Adjustment on out-of-balance or out of around tires is allowed only during the first 2/32”.
  2. The customer should send relevant pictures of the tire to manufactory including claim tires serial number and remaining tread depth. All claim tires should be checked and final confirmed by factory’s technician.
  3. Compensation method shall be decided by customer case-by-case.


  1. All our warranties are limited to the original customer and the original vehicle on which they are mounted, and are not assignable to subsequent purchasers or vehicles.
  2. This limited warranty does not apply to tires which are being serviced under the following conditions;
  • Outside of the appointed sales area according sales contract.
  • No claim will be compensate unless sales contract already agree the warranty policy
  • Willful Abuse / Collision / Wreck / Fire. •Continued use while flat or severe under/over inflation.
  • Road Hazards including without limitation, puncture, cut, impact break, stone drill, bruise, bulge, snag, collision.
  • Premature or irregular wear due to vehicle mechanical reason.
  • Conditions resulting from without limitation, improper mounting, under inflation, improper tire size, defect in vehicle, abuse.
  • Ride disturbance complaints after 2/32” tread wear. •With less than 2/32” remaining death.
  • With the serial number cut or buffed. •Facing off the road & logging use and misapplication.
  • Tires 3 years or older from the date of manufacturer or 3 years older from the date of purchase.
  • Loss of time or use, inconvenience or any incidental of consequential damage.
  • Adjustment on out of balance or out of round tires is allowed only during the first 2/32”.

Terms and Conditions for EVERICH PCR Tires.

Period of validity

Any EVERICH tire with a complete serial number is covered against defects in workmanship and material for 3 years from the date of production. After that time, the warranty is terminated.


This warranty applies to the original purchaser of any new tire manufactured by EVERICH TIRE,bearing Department of Transportation prescribed tire identification numbers. Eligible tires shall be used on the vehicle on which they were originally installed according to the vehicle manufacture’s or EVERICH’S recommendation.

Coverage 100%

In case of any PCR tire with the defects in the production, if they are worn out less than 5% of original depth, EVERICH will give 100% compensation of benchmark price.

Coverage on a pro-rata remaining tread depth

In case of any PCR tire with the defects in the workmanship and materials, if the tread is worn out more than 5% of original depth, and the remaining tread depth is more than 50% of original depth, EVERICH TIRE will give the adjustment on a pro-rata basis multiplying the “adjust benchmark price”.

No warranty

Once the remaining thread depth is less than 50% of original depth, the tire is considered worn out completely and no more adjustment.

Measure or remaining tread depth

Vernier caliper is used, when measuring, avoiding the wearing mark, the bottom of caliper spans in the measuring groove, and the Vernier caliper must be vertical to the bottom of groove.

The position of measurement is groove with wear mark. Measure the depth of four equal indexes on the tread circle, and the average value of the four data is regarded as the remaining tread depth and keep one decimal digits.

Claim procedure

For all claims for adjustment, a claim form must be filled out. Completed claim form shall be mailed to EVERICH salesman. EVERICH reserves the right to demand physical

Be sure that the tire returned by the purchaser bears out name, DOT number

Put the caliper into each groove along the center rib. To measure three times at average distance to get the average. Unit: Millimeter.

Refer to ORIGINAL TREAD DEPTH for the size and type of the returned tire. Use the ORIGINAL TREAD DEPTH CHART in the catalogue to determine the percentage of credit due based on remaining tread depth.

Fill out the CLAIM ADJUSTMENT FORM completely

Fill out each claim form with the following information for each tire being adjusted:

  1. Date of claim
  2. Brand Name
  3. Purchaser’s Name, Country and Phone NO.
  4. Size, Load index, Speed Rate, Pattern
  5. DOT Number, Code No.
  6. Remaining Tread Depth, FOB Price and Amount of Credit
  7. The Nature of the Defect
  8. PI No.

This form must be accurately completed by the dealer and signed by the owner of the product.

Forms incomplete will not be accepted.

For photo inspection:

Accumulation of 10 tires or less: Enclose clear photos with DOT NO., clear photos with defective parts, clear photos with remaining tread depth in the claim form.

When an adjustment is received, EVERICH will review the claim within thirty days and either issue credit or request the tires to be shipped to EVERICH Company for physical inspection. If we decide a physical inspection is necessary, we will send you a written request to ship the tires to a designated location or go to your country for physical inspection.

Tires must be held by you for thirty days or until credit has been received whichever is later. If tires are requested to be shipped for inspection during this period and are not available, claim will be disallowed and adjustment credit will not be issued.