Mining Tires

Mining Tires ER765

Pattern Characteristic:

Transverse pattern as the main body of the middle of the reinforcement design, special formula design, resistant to thorn, not easy to block. Carcass and carcass ply steel special coating designed to strengthen the capacity of giving the tire stronger. The open pattern ditch and the pattern ditch prevent the stone to embed the design, the tire has the extremely good self-clean.

Suitable Conditions:

Mining special tires, applicable to in mines, construction sites, such as gravel mining area, site of short self unloading, mixing car driving wheel.

Size PR Standard Rim Load Index& Speed Rating O D (mm) S W (mm) Kg Load Kpa/Pressure
11.00R20 18 8.0 152/149K 1082 296 3550/3250 930
12.00R20 20 8.5 154/151K 1122 313 3750/3450 830
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