Irrigation Tyre R-1

Irrgation Tyre R-1 Serial 2

  • Proven 23° tread designed for great traction
  • Tough nylon-cord body for durability and long wear
  • Flexible sidewall dual rubber compounds with super-tough tread rubber for long wear and resistance to weather checking
Size Ply Rating Standard Rim NSD(mm) O D(mm) S W(mm) Kpa/ Pressure Single Load (Kg) Pattern Number
11.2-24TL 4PR W10 28 1103 284 120 750 16
11.2-38TL 4PR W10 30 1459 284 120 950 21
14.9-24TL 4PR 13 30.5 1265 378 100 1090 17

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