agricultural tyre f-3

Agricultural Tyre F-3

  • Provides excellent traction on hard soil, asphalt and concrete, Ideal for use on agricultural and industrial free rolling towed equipment
  • Multi-rib tire designed to handle demanding industrial, off the road conditions for two-wheel drive tractors and backhoes
  • Heavy ply ratings offer extra load carrying capacity. Nylon-cord body resists impacts, cuts and punctures
Size Ply Rating Standard Rim NSD(mm) O.D (mm) S.W (mm) Kpa/ Pressure Single  Load (Kg)
11L-15TL 8PR 8LB 11 813 279 300 945
11L-15TL 10PR 8LB 11 813 279 360 1060
11L-16TL 12PR 8LB 11 838 279 440 1250
11L-16TL 10PR 8LB 11 838 279 360 1120
14.5/75-16.1TL 10PR 11LB 15 940 373 280 1450
14.5/75-16.1TL 12PR 11LB 15 940 373 360 1695

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